Stanley Park Sunrise Engagement Photos | Angel + Tim

I’m not usually one to wake up at 5:30 in the morning, slip out of bed while trying not to wake my wife, get a quick breakfast from Tim Hortons, and drive into Vancouver, but on this chilly Wednesday morning, I had to. You see, I was meeting up with Angel and Tim to photograph their engagement session at the Brockton Point Lighthouse at sunrise, and later that morning we’d visit Gastown to take in the sights and sounds of that historic area of Vancouver.

When Angel and Tim suggested the idea of doing a sunrise engagement session, I was intrigued and excited! This would be a first for me after photographing over 50 engagement sessions, and I was so excited to be spending the morning with them!

We met at the parking loop by the lighthouse a few minutes prior to sunrise, I set up my flash and camera, and we ventured out to take some photos together….oh how much fun it was! To be out there, right by the water, with no one around except for the odd runner jogging by every few minutes, was something special! Angel and Tim were able to just be themselves in front of the camera, as we enjoyed the morning together.

Once the sun had risen, we drove out of the park and into Gastown, stopped at a Starbucks for a quick outfit change, and then spent another 30 minutes or so just walking down the streets, checking out the little cute shops, and finding an alley or two to stop in. Angel and Tim were rockstars, wiling to go anywhere my creative mind went, and we had so much fun together!

Enjoy these photos from their engagement session at the Brockton Point Lighthouse in Stanley Park and Gastown!

Couple looking out over the city of Vancouver
Angel and Tim smile at each other by the Brockton Lighthouse
Tim holding Angel in front of the seawall in Stanley Park
Angel and Tim walking on the seawall
Angel and Tim dancing under the arch at the Brockton Point Lighthouse
Angel and Tim posing for engagement photos at the Brockton Point Lighthouse in Vancouver
Angel and Tim hold hands as they walk under the arch at the Brockton Point Lighthouse for their engagement session
Couple dances at the Brockton Point Lighthouse
Tim and Angel make silly faces during their engagement session with Andrew Lukianiuk in Stanley Park
Smiling couple sits on a bench overlooking the water in Stanley Park
Angel and Tim play the guitar and box drum on the streets of Gastown for their engagement photo session
Angel and Tim walk in front of the Al Porto Restaurant in Gastown, Vancouver
Tim holds Angel as she smiles at him
Couple posing for engagement photos on the street in Gastown, Vancouver
Angel and Tim walking by stores on the streets in Gastown
They found an alley to dance in, so cute!
Angel and Tim smile and hold eachother
Tim whispers sweet nothings in Angel’s ear
Tim and Angel sitting on a bench in Gastown
Angel and Tim stand for an engagement photo in Vancouver, BC

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