Minnekhada Lodge Wedding | Lexi + Matt

October 4, 2018

It was an absolute honour for me to be there for Lexi and Matt as they shared their vows with each other, their two kids, and their closest friends and family in an intimate ceremony at the Minnekhada Lodge in Coquitlam on a wet but oh so romantic afternoon in September.

Lexi and the girls started getting ready a few hours before the ceremony began, as everyone pitched in to move tables and get the tables ready for what was sure to be a fun gathering after the ceremony.

 Minnekhada Lodge in Coquitlam

I began photographing the girls, as Matt and the boys got settled into the guys room, which sits on the opposite end of the lodge, with both wedding rooms overlooking the beautiful main floor below.

 Vancouver Wedding Photographer Andrew Lukianiuk captures wedding details including dress, flowers, and rings

 Wedding details, like the cake and some of the table decor

 Matt’s dress shirt and shoes from  H&M

 The main room at Minnekhada Lodge, along with the decorated guest tables

Their two kids arrived a few minutes later with Grandma, with the boy not really wanting to wake up yet..he’d had a good nap on the way over! They quickly got dressed, and were ready!

 Bride fixing flowergirl’s hair, putting little shoes on

 The ringbearer and flowergirl getting ready

 Bride putting on makeup in bridal suite

 Lexi doing her makeup

 Groom putting on dress shirt

 The front side of Minnekhada Lodge in Coquitlam

Lexi decided she wanted to see Matt before the ceremony began, so I canvased the Lodge for a room that would suite their First Look well, and found one overlooking the backyard with a large window that would let in lots of natural light. I let Matt know to stand and wait there, while I told Lexi she could surprise Matt! It was beautiful, and was a wonderful way to let some nerves go before the ceremony.

 Bride and Groom do a First Look before their wedding ceremony at Minnekhada Lodge

Lexi walked down the aisle, they shared some sweet vows with eachother and their kids, and were pronounced husband and wife!

 The wedding officiant stands with the groom and best man as the guests wait for the wedding ceremony to begin under the covered patio

 Lexi and Matt’s kids walk down the aisle

 The bride walks down the aisle, and dad gives his daughter away at Minnekhada Lodge

 Intimate and Romantic wedding ceremony under the covered patio at Minnekhada Lodge in Coquitlam, BC

 Bride and groom share vows with eachother and their kids

 Guests enjoying the wedding ceremony

 It’s official, they are married!

 Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!

 Family photo with Bride and Groom

We had a few more minutes for family and group portraits, so we did that under the covered patio, and then I took Lexi and Matt out to the front of the Lodge for a few bride and groom photos before my time was up.

 Bride and Groom portrait under the covered patio at Minnekhada Lodge in Coquitlam

 Small wedding party, maid of honour and best man with the married couple

 Bride and Groom portraits taken in front of Minnekhada Lodge in Coquitlam, BC

 Groom in blue H&M pants and shoes, bride in beautiful lace white dress standing on front porch of Minnekhada Lodge

 Bride and Groom go for a walk in front of Minnekhada Lodge, rings on hands

All in all, it was an honour to be there for you, Lexi and Matt, as you committed yourselves to one another in front of those you love most dearly! Here’s to Lexi and Matt!

 Groom gives his bride a twirl in her wedding dress

Their vendor team:
Ceremony Venue: Minnekhada Lodge, Coquitlam
Dress: Everything But The Groom
Officiant: Elizabeth Scales
Photographer: Andrew Lukianiuk
Suits: H&M