Romantic Orpheum Theatre Engagement Photos | Katrina + Victor

It’s been so nice meeting Katrina and Victor, and I’m so glad our paths have crossed. From our first initial Zoom call a few months back, to the planning of this session and beyond, they’ve been nothing but fantastic clients and even better people 🙂 When I heard that they had chosen the Orpheum as the venue of choice for their engagement portraits, I was beyond excited! When I asked Katrina why they chose this as the location for their engagement photos, this is what she had to say:

“As for the Orpheum, for myself I always wanted to take engagement photos there – I love the interior design of the building with the red flooring and intricate ceiling artwork with gold accents. I love the color gold (so maybe that’s why it appealed to me so much) and also why I wanted rose gold wedding and engagement bands instead of the traditional silver. I also had my high school graduation there a long time ago and it has been ingrained in my memory ever since.

The Orpheum was mostly my choice LOL but Victor easily agreed as he loves classical music and theatre, so overall this venue was the perfect place for the both of us as we naturally came to an agreement on this (as you can imagine with wedding planning it’s rare some times to just naturally agree on something). It’s very “us” and at the same time our vision brought to life as we often like to dress up and go watch classical performances (pre covid)”

Katrina and Victor, I am beyond excited to share these images with you and to be your wedding photographer! Here’s to you two 🙂