Vancouver Sunset Beach and Granville Island Engagement Portraits | Anna & Vitor

From the first time I met Anna and Vitor when we had a Zoom meeting early in the year, I knew that the relationship these two had was unique. The trust they have in one another, the special bond, the laughter they share… you can tell it comes from a very special place. These two are quite something!

We chose Sunset Beach in Vancouver and Granville Island because this is where they had some of their first dates in 2018. Long walks on the beach and and having to be kicked out of the Tap & Barrel one night due to the restaurant closing and them having talked together there for hours… this are will always hold a special place in their memory books.

Anna and Vitor, thanks so much for entrusting me with these portraits and for allowing me to spend some time with you that evening as we strolled the beaches of Vancouver together. I wish you two nothing but the best in your future, and I can’t wait to be capturing your wedding in photographs in few short months!

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Hi Andrew
I did the flowers for this lovely couple’s wedding and have been so hoping to see some of your captures of their day with the flowers in action. I expect that they’re awesome!
Thanks, Barb