Surprise Proposal at HarbourAir Vancouver | Rafael + Andrea


Surprise Proposal

Rafael + Andrea’s Engagement at HarbourAir Vancouver

A month ago Rafael, who lives in Mexico City, emailed me asking if I would would photograph his proposal to his girlfriend..they would be in the city after doing a marathon in Victoria. I was so excited to play a small part in this important moment in his and Andrea’s lives.

A few emails later, the plan was set in motion. I arrived at HarbourAir’s terminal next to Canada Place early, pretended to be taking some promo photos for HarbourAir, and captured the moment Rafael asked his Andrea to be his wife! She was completely surprised…well done Rafael!

We then took a beautiful 20 minute sightseeing fight around Vancouver, flying close to the North Shore mountains and over the ocean by Bowen Island, before flying over downtown Vancouver. Keaton our pilot was amazing…the views were incredible! A smooth landing, and the flight was over too quickly :)

I took a few portraits of the them as we walked along the water by the terminal…it was beautiful out, with the leaves in the trees around them in the middle of changing colours. It was so much fun hanging out with a couple who just minutes ago had gotten engaged!

Rafael and Andrea, congratulations! Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of this big event in your lives..I wish you two nothing but the best in your future together!

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Planning on proposing to your girlfriend or boyfriend soon? I would LOVE to photograph your proposal! Send me a message and let’s plan something amazing!