Wintery Engagement Session at Whytecliff Park | Sarah + Peter

Arriving at one of Metro Vancouver’s most popular photo (and did you know this one…scuba diving) spots, Sarah, Peter and their puppy Murphy just looked adorable as ever as they walked down to the beach. This location is a special one to them, as Sarah and Peter had their first date here a few years ago.

It’s hard not to smile when you see the way these two look at each other, sure, holding the other one close because it was a bit chilly, but at the same time knowing the one next to them is their best friend… so sweet! Sarah and Peter, thanks for entrusting me with session… very much looking forward to your wedding coming soon!


What a beautiful shoot! I love that you included Murphy. You managed to make a cold day shine with warmth and love.

Love you guys! Great photos!

Beautiful photos of Sarah and Peter! You have captured all sides of their relationship and you can see it in their photos

Too cute! 😍 can’t wait for the wedding!!

Beautiful shots. Esp love the doggo!

Incredible photos! I love how clearly they capture the love between you two!

You can just feel the love radiating off of these photos! Beautiful!

Gorgeous photos!

You two are amazing individually, and even better together! So happy for you two!

Beautiful work for a beautiful couple! Congratulations to you all.

Sarah and Peter look wonderful. The photos capture their joy and their hopes beautifully.

you both look so happy, great shots and Murphy is so photogenic

Andrew, you’ve captured their spirit and relationship so well!

Gorgeous photos full of love.

Great pictures, to be able to laugh and smile in these times, genuinely, shows what they have together.

Such joy and love on the faces of Sarah and Peter! And Murphy looks good, too. Wishing the happy couple much love as they contemplate a life together.

Great job! The photos truly capture their love and excitement for the next phrase.

Beautiful couple. Plus Murphy. 😉

Beautiful pictures!

These pictures are beautiful!
Congratulations to you both.

Lovely photos!

excellent photos!

Beautiful photos!

What a lovely couple! I can see the heritage.

The cutest (Murphy too!). Looking forward to the big day.

Beautiful photos. So much joy! Except for Murphy, he looks a tad bored, lol… Congratulations!

What beautiful photos! Congratulations to the happy couple!

Such a cute couple! I wonder if Murphy will be the ring bearer?

Lovely photos! Their joy really shines through!

Such a beautiful couple!! Absolutely love the addition of Murphy!!

The amount of love radiating from all of these is through the roof! So happy for them😍❤️

Fantastic photos of young love. Your photographer captured the love you share with one another.

You have captured their love in a such a special way.

Unbelievable photos. They are gorgeous.

Great photos! I love the one where they are looking at each other and Murphy is looking at the camera!

Beautiful photos! You both look so happy. Love that Murphy is in some too.

Awesome photos! They look so happy and in love! Can’t wait to see the wedding photos.

What an awesome set of photos, of the happy couple! Congratulations on your engagement

Great photos! Really captures their love. Murphy is adorable too!

What fun photos! What love!

Great photos, such a happy vibe! I would note Murphy took a dip at some point, so glad you included him. Wishing you both much happiness.

Beatiful pictures!
Love shines through!

Love is in the air, and pouring out of these pictures! Best engagement pictures I’ve seen!

Beautiful pics!! ❤️

These are such gorgeous pictures!

Such beautiful photos, Sarah!!

I’m so obsessed with these they’re amazing !

These are so beautiful!!! I’m sure it will be hard to pick which ones to hang on their walls.

Beautiful photos. Really like how they are captured showing how much they love each other.

So beautiful.

Wow! These are beautiful shots capturing two people in love – plus one in awe! Congratulations, Sarah, Peter and Murphy, on the successful photo shoot!

Love how this photos display pure joy!!

Beautiful photos! Love Murphy’s look on the photo he’s in! 😁

Lovely photos! I especially love the smiles ❤️

Such amazing photos, I can actually hear Sarah’s laugh in some of these pictures! Congrats again!

Wonderful photos! You can see their love for each other (and Murphy) in every photo.

Awesome photos!

I love the candid, honest love that just shines in these beautiful shots❣️ I also love Murphy in there, it would be weird not to have him🤣💕.

Fabulous photos. The joy in both of your faces fairly leaps off of the page!
I love the setting ( makes me homesick for Vancouver) and I think that Murphy lends and air of sophistication to the session!!

You guys look amazing together!

Awesome photos….Such a happy couple…

I love all of these photos!

These vibrant photos truly demonstrate your mutual affection and loving support for one another

These vibrant photos truly demonstrate your mutual affection and loving support for one another

Such a beautiful way to post LOVE. ¡An incredible couple! Wish you the best!

Fantastic photos of you both being so happy with each other, and of course the pup is a bonus! Thanks for sharing with us!

Beautiful pictures <3

I love the way these pictures capture their personalities. Such joy, such love for each other!

Amazing photos of the two of you!!


Beautiful pictures….so much love and happiness!

Lovely photos, on track for a beautiful life together!

So sweet, lovely photos and a lovely couple. I wish you all the best with your future together 💗

Fantastic photos! So much love resonating in them. Very proud father!

So many amazing shots!! Looked like a day filled with lots of fun memories.

You guys are so cute! This is a beautiful shoot

Lovely Photo, it’s so great to see all the smiles and cherish the little moments.

Beautiful pictures and Murphy is a great addition.

Love these photos! So happy for you both 🙂

Fabulous photos. Congratulations!

Beautiful photo shoot ❤️ Congratulations to the happy couple 🥂

The photos really capture The love!

Nice to see so much happiness!

Love all the nature! great photos

Beautiful photos Sarah! They truly reflect your happiness. Congratulations to you both 💕