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I photographed my first wedding in 2010 and since then have been obsessed with capturing love on a wedding day as best as I can. With 7 years of media experience as a media director at a local church, I've seen behind-the-scenes what it takes to put on a successful livestream, from the right gear to the clear communication beforehand. When the pandemic hit us in 2020, I was able to pivot and begin offering a livestream experience no one else was offering here in the Metro Vancouver area. More than 50 wedding livestreams later, my couples have been delighted with the service they've received.

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Nothing's beats being present at an event. But if they can't physically be there, today's technology allows your favourite people to still experience your event. No matter which live-streaming option you choose, here is what's included.

• Event day setup 1- 2 hrs prior to livestreaming starts (indoors or outdoors)

• Venue visit within 2 weeks before the event to plan the setup, livestream test

• Livestream timeline planning

• Custom web page w/ unlisted private YouTube video link, to share with your guests

• Custom designed welcome graphic for your livestream

• Livestream and video camera monitoring on 2 or more cameras

• Wireless microphones to capture speech, music and ambient sounds

• Reliable mobile data with bonding to ensure a clean stream anywhere there is a cell signal

• Travel (anywhere in Metro Vancouver) for the venue visit as well as the event day

• Trimmed video recording delivered via email within 2 weeks

• Additional video lighting available for your event, if needed

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Jacqueline & Chris

We hired Andrew and his team to livestream our October 2020 wedding. This was of course during the Covid-19 pandemic, so as you can imagine, our big day also came with many big changes. One of those changes being we had to made cuts to our guest list. We decided to search out videographers with live-streaming options to ensure we could still have our loved ones be involved in our wedding. After doing some research and collecting quotes, we decided to go forward with Andrew. We were able to see examples of his past work (which is incredible!) and his prices fit the budget. Andrew was timely with his responses, was able to answer all our questions and just ultimately put us at ease. I had full confidence in him and just knew everything would go smoothly. He was professional and really just made everything easy for us. On the day of the wedding, Andrew was set up and ready to go. Unfortunately it was pouring rain on our wedding day, so the venue had to switch to another ceremony spot. In addition, there were several accidents on major bridges and our guests were running late. Andrew was able to handle these changes no problem. The ceremony did not start on time, but Andrew was able to communicate to the guests watching live and kept the cameras rolling. The feedback I’ve received has been nothing but amazing comments. The quality of the video and sound was spectacular and my guests from a distance really felt involved. They loved how interactive Andrew was online. I’ve since gone back and watched the video no less than 700,000 times and I am so in love with everything. He captured every special moment and it was amazing to see what our guests saw. If you are considering Andrew and his team for any services, I highly recommend and you will not be disappointed. Andrew I really can’t thank you enough! You really made our wedding day better than I ever could have imagined!


Jessika & Bobby

I highly recommend Andrew Lukianiuk photography!! Not only was Andrew professional he was attentive his engagement in the live chat of the videography was just amazing allowing everyone to feel welcomed. His level of expertise and attention to detail made our day operate so smoothly. He went above and beyond for our ceremony, he was so accommodating and flexible. I am so impressed with the quality of his services, 5 star all the way☆▪︎☆▪︎☆▪︎☆▪︎☆ Don't hesitate to book Andrew for your event needs, you won't be disappointed!!!!!


Chandra & Kevin

We hired Andrew to live stream our wedding after we had to change our plans due to COVID-19. We wanted all our family and friends to be able to join us for the ceremony and thought about using Zoom or trying to set up the live stream on YouTube ourselves, but in the end decided it would be best to hire someone who knew what they were doing. We couldn't have made a better choice with Andrew. He was so worth the money for the service he provided. He contacted me a few days before the wedding to ask about our colours and wedding stationary and made a beautiful custom slide for the start of the live stream, which was such a nice touch. On the day, he arrived right on time, had a very professional set up, and was like a fly on the wall for the ceremony. All we wanted was for people to be able to see and hear us, but Andrew brought it to another level. We received so many compliments about the live stream from everyone watching. Andrew's multiple cameras/angles and filming style made our loved ones feel like they were really there with us. I'd recommend Andrew to anyone wanting to live stream their wedding. Based on the results, I'm sure his regular videography work is great too! Thanks Andrew!

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The Complete Package
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The Basics Package

1 Videographer

• Up to 1 hour of Coverage

• Custom webpage

2 Camera Live Stream (Wide and Zoomed angles)

• Professional Wireless Audio (for 2 persons + room sound)

• Replay available immediately afterwards, High Quality Trimmed 1080p HD video file

(delivered within 4 weeks)

• Includes all WIFI and Mobile Data needed to stream anywhere in the Metro Vancouver area

2 Videographers

• Up to 2 hours of Coverage

• Custom webpage

3 Camera Live Stream (Wide, Zoom, Mobile angles) with ability to capture bride walking down, close up shots of details throughout ceremony or event

• Professional Wireless Audio (for 2 persons + room sound)

• Replay available immediately afterwards, High Quality Trimmed 1080p HD video file

(delivered within 4 weeks)

• Includes all WIFI and Mobile Data needed to stream anywhere in the Metro Vancouver area

• Up to 3 Videographers

• Up to 4 hours of Coverage (perfect for ceremony & reception)

• Custom webpage

4 Camera Live Stream (Wide, Mobile and Zoomed angles) with ability to capture bride walking down, close up shots of details through ceremony or event

• Professional Wireless Audio (for 2 persons, + handheld mic & room sound)

• Replay available immediately afterwards, High Quality Trimmed 1080p HD video file

(delivered within 4 weeks)

• Includes all WIFI and Mobile Data needed to stream anywhere in the Metro Vancouver area

From $1100

From $1425

From $2500


• Additional camera (includes videographer) - $400

• Additional livestream coverage (per hour) - $300

• Travel outside of Metro Vancouver (per 50km, outside of 50km of my office) - $100

• Additional fees may apply. Contact me!

Le us figure it all out

No more scrambling around before your event to try to troubleshoot technical difficulties at the last minute. We worked enough events doing video and live-streaming to know that technology isn't perfect, especially when it comes to live-streaming. The #1 problem with live-streaming is the internet and/or data connection. So after the initial venue visit, we have a Plan A, B, C, and D for live-streaming, including using our bonded internet for a reliable stream, multiple backups of video and audio, and even backup power for the essential gear!

Professional A/V Gear

Although we love iPhones, experience with filming events on video just looks way better! So why not make professional videography live? Allow your virtual guests to experience your event as if they were almost there. Live-streaming with multiple angles and perspectives makes it so much nicer than your uncle trying to Facetime with his cell phone!

Private, Realtime HD Streaming

You'll get a password-protected web page that's something like "" which you can share to all of your guests in an email, Invitation, or wedding website. Your video is streamed in real-time, in high-definition (1080p) onto an unlisted, private YouTube video that your guests can find and access months and days before the event. Guests can comment, too!

Do you livestream outdoors?


Yes, our setup can be in any location, as long as there is decent cellular data service, wifi or ethernet available. You could even be on a mountaintop as long as there's cell phone data! If it's a hot summer day, we try to keep the equipment cool!


What do you do if there's a chance of rain?

Chance of rain? We watch the minute-by-minute weather forecasts to help us make the right decisions for a weather-friendly setup. We have "rain jackets" for our weather-resistant cameras, and can set up a our small portable canopy over our small live-streaming table if there's a surprise rain shower. Guests don't want to get wet so if you have an indoor or covered "rain option" for your ceremony, please allow a spot for the live-streaming table.


Do you need power and internet?

We can bring our own power source, via a small, noise-less power bank. In venues where electricity is readily available and easy to access, we'll use that. For full day live-streams, having constant power through a venue outlet is awesome. As far as internet, a local ethernet connection or WIFI login is always appreciated, although we can rely on our bonded internet router with multiple sim connections to stream the event from anywhere we have a cell signal.


What is there is an issue with the livestream?

We are after all, livestreaming. And with tech, anything can happen. This is why we have multiple levels of backup in the case the stream is interrupted or has to end abruptly. If there is an unexpected internet issue that affects our stream, we will know right away from the streaming status notifications. While we stream, we are also recording the output along with each video camera and audio source. As soon as the event ends, we'd then upload that video to the custom page we designed for you and your guests would know to refresh an hour later to watch the event, as it happened live. In the case that fails, we can also recreate the video in our studio and deliver it within a week. The latter has never happened, but it helps to have backup systems in place for every aspect of our setup.

Andrew did a wonderful job at our wedding, taking photos, videos, and livestreaming our ceremony. He was very easy to work with, and really knew what looked good. Thank-you so much, Andrew!

- Jessika & Bobby

- Sandy & Kelvin

- Christie & Brian

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