Vancouver Chinese Tea Ceremony | Richmond Wedding Reception | Cara + Dimitar

I was beyond honoured to be a part of Cara and Dimitar’s traditional wedding ceremony and reception! They got married in Hawaii, and held a tea ceremony and reception here back at home to celebrate with family and friends!

We started out the day at Cara’s parent’s home in Vancouver, and I LOVED experiencing and photographing a traditional tea ceremony for the first time, and it was beautiful! We took a few portraits outside afterwards, and later that afternoon met up again for the reception at Gingeri Chinese Cuisine in Richmond, BC. There was much food, many smiles, tons of photos taken, heartfelt speeches spoken, and everyone really enjoyed celebrating with the bride and groom.

I can’t wait to share more photos with you, but for the meantime, here are a few sneak peeks!

ALP - CaraDimitarWedding-2.jpg
ALP - CaraDimitar-4.jpg
ALP - CaraDimitarWedding-8.jpg
Groom greets family
ALP - CaraDimitarWedding-17.jpg
ALP - CaraDimitarWedding-36.jpg
ALP - CaraDimitarWedding-55.jpg
ALP - CaraDimitarWedding-60.jpg
ALP - CaraDimitarWedding-64.jpg
ALP - CaraDimitarWedding-80.jpg
ALP - CaraDimitarWedding-85.jpg
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ALP - CaraDimitarWedding-95.jpg
ALP - CaraDimitarSneaksdayafter-2.jpg
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ALP - CaraDimitarWedding-121.jpg
ALP - CaraDimitarWedding-133.jpg
ALP - CaraDimitarSneaksdayafter-3.jpg
ALP - CaraDimitarSneaksdayafter-4.jpg
ALP - CaraDimitarWedding-162.jpg
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ALP - CaraDimitarSneaksdayafter-10.jpg
ALP - CaraDimitarSneaksdayafter-11.jpg
ALP - CaraDimitarSneaksdayafter-16.jpg
ALP - CaraDimitarSneaksdayafter-13.jpg
Bride and Groom first dance
ALP - CaraDimitarSneaksdayafter-19.jpg
Wedding party taking photobooth pictures
ALP - CaraDimitarSneaksdayafter-21.jpg
ALP - CaraDimitarSneaksdayafter-24.jpg
ALP - CaraDimitarSneaksdayafter-25.jpg
ALP - CaraDimitarSneaksdayafter-26.jpg